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Tiz Creel

Updated: May 29, 2020

What don't you miss about pre-Corona life?

I do not miss the arrogance of leaders, thinking that nothing can bring them down.

In many ways, I enjoy looking at how the flaws of politics, economics, and society and reaching the surface and slapping us in the face. On the other hand, I'm terrified to lose someone that I love.

How are you currently feeling about the global pause?

I have mixed feelings.

Many things have changed. The repercussions have put me in a tough situation (many related to income). That said, there are many virtues of the "pause." I believe that what drives most people mad is the involuntary incarceration and uncertainty. But in any other circumstance, I'm sure most people need a "pause" from time to time.

Long term, how do you think this will affect the industry?

I can't even begin to imagine how it will be. At this point, there are too many things on the table, but the holy grail is the economy. We can be almost sure that we will be facing the most significant recession of our times. Arts, in those means, is not a priority.

I do believe that the isolation and the general situation will make many people start creating art that will later define this era. The work that is created during this time will be part of history in one way or the other. Art will always continue to thrive, evolve and challenge the world. The industry, though, that is different. I have no hopes or expectations. The only way the industry will change is by changing the entire way we live and operate. I do believe that we have a golden opportunity to rethink and recreate the structures that reign our lives. Honestly, if something like this won't make us change, nothing will.