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Stay sane through creative connection

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Due to the restrictions imposed by the lockdown, people can no longer enjoy art in public spaces, just as many professional creatives are no longer able to continue their projects. As a result, the creative world has revolutionised the possibilities of giving their work greater meaning during the crisis. Instead of keeping their art in their workspaces, they organise free concerts for the local neighbourhood on their balconies or let their community participate in their creative process to create a shared experience.

#Coronamasion is a project launched on Twitter by a group of renowned French cartoonists and illustrators. Anyone who wants to take part in the project can do so by presenting their ideal home during the coronavirus using a template to be filled in and showing where they would most like to spend the isolation period.

Paula de Alvaro, Graphic Designer started making a series of drawings that are related to quarantine and shared them on Instagram for people to color them.