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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Due to the global pandemic many photographer’s are not able to work in the way they used to before (e.g. Fashion-, Portraitphotographers). This forced them to innovate the way they worked with their subjects who are miles away from them. A new genre emerged: The Screen-Portrait. Taken via diverse communication services like FaceTime, Skye or Zoom, photographers direct the poses of their subject from a far.

The grid of the screen is kept mostly visible, hinting at how the photo has been taken.

Not only artistic portraits projects have emerged in this new genre, but also photographers offering bookings to take your photo via FaceTime or Skype.


The Morelli-photographer duo shot an editorial via FaceTime with Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi for the latest issue of Vogue Czechoslovakia.


"With the current situation we can’t shoot like we used to. I have one book from Peter Lindbergh where he did a portrait of a model via Skype so I decided to do the same, so I have been doing some shoots like that. I have been shooting still life as well and learning some graphic design."

- Daniel Felipe