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Ryan Lowry

Updated: May 29, 2020

Can you please explain your work situation; either work that you’re currently creating, or work that has been affected by COVID-19?

I am a freelance photographer as my job, I generally shoot people - so that of course is all on hold for now. I've been trying to make the best out of being home.

Instead of turning things into a fantasy type image, all of the images I've been making I'm just thinking like ok - I am BORED AT HOME - how do I communicate that with a bit of a sense of humor?

Seeing a lot of work that exists in a kind of made up, magical world, I felt this sharp reaction to it - like now more than ever we need to not make pictures that exist in this fantasy bubble, while I totally understand the temptation, I guess I'm just bored by it? So Did I even answer the question..... focus... HmmmmMMmmmMmmm