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Updated: May 29, 2020

What don’t you miss about pre-Corona life?

Standing in the cue of a club :D

What is the weirdest meal you’ve had during quarantine?

Spaghetti & Curry Sauce + Mustard ( by mistake )

What is your identity as a creative?

The Renderboy alias QUARCK alias Ali Cator :D

My name is Sebastiaan Cator alias QUARCK. i'm a Freelancer & Artist located in Zurich/Switzerland. Due to my background as a Gamedesigner, I'm experienced in Digital Content creation. I am working in a wide field of subjects, including 2D/3D Graphic Design (Logos/Flyer/Print/Web) 2D/3D Motion Design (VFX/Musicvideos/Shortfilms/Commercials/Gifs/Social Media) Game Design (Computer Game production/UI & UX Design/Level Design/Prototyping/Mobile - Web - Standalone/VR & AR/Facefilters) Interactive Media (Experimental Controllers/Motion tracking).

How does the current situation make you feel?

Actually very cosy and focused on other aspects of a life as a self-employed

What are you doing daily to maintain your focus and energy, to continue to create?

Yoga - shower - coffee in the garden - clean room - beers after 14:00 :D

Long term, how do you think this will affect the industry?

Big Companies won't be affected; everything stays the same - weak or new startups go down - only the strongest will survive - sadly I think it won't affect our society that much. Instead, it cleans up new businesses and throws us back some time in development. But I hope I grow stronger out of this period - we will see.

Can you please explain your current work situation; either work that you’re currently creating, or work that has been affected by COVID-19?

Usually I work on visual content for clubs/brands/musicians etc. Due to covid-19 - I got way less jobs than usually - so I'm looking for new customer streams - I'm currently developing a fiverr account for example (WORK) - for myself I'm doing funny contemporary animation loops or bigger Interactive art installations/ renderings ( ART).

Currently i'm working on some collaborations which are not well payed but have a future prospect about having an impact on institutions/social life and my wallet.

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