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Updated: May 30, 2020

From Rembrandt to Cindy Sherman - countless artists throughout history have experimented with a very particular subject: The Self. Thanks to developments in technology and the invention of the cellphone camera, the concept of taking a picture of oneself is familiar to most of us. Added to Selfies - that are made to show the current state of the “art” - many self-portraits hold an additional layer of storytelling. From the very beginning, creators started to explore themselves, different concepts of representation and act out fictional stories.


A question that is answered rather humorously by Kourtney Roy is her “Survivalist Failures” series on Instagram. The photographer famous for her self-portraits depicts a character in quarantine and its daily battles.

Although the scenes are clearly exaggerated, the lack of costume makes the character feel a lot more “real” than her usual dressed and “propped” up characters.

Filmmaker and Photographer Duo Mathery take pictures of them themselves at home, replicating a FaceTime phone call or visualize the