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Updated: May 29, 2020

What is your identity as a creative?

I am a sculptor of all things creepy-cute! People think I am into horror or gory stuff (my friends send me weird stuff/links online all the time!), but the truth is that I have never survived through a single horror film in my life!

How are you currently feeling about the global pause?

It is a good time to take things a little slower, be more in touch with my thoughts and feelings, and also to think about the world that is much bigger than myself.

I am quite lucky that I am not too affected, I still have my job, a roof over my head, my loved ones are safe and healthy, but not many people are that lucky.

Where do you get the creative influence and inspiration to make work that is simultaneously creepy and beautiful; reimagining body parts as edible treats?

I get my inspiration from the everyday! A huge part of my work is in taking the familiar, everyday object, and turning it into something surprising and strange! Therefore I am always on a lookout for something that can potentially become my next work. I am a very visual person so I am easily drawn to beautiful textures, colours and forms.

Long term, how do you think this will affect the industry?

The economy has been greatly affected by this pandemic, and we are not seeing the full damage yet. I think the effect of it on arts and culture will be huge too and will take a long while to recover.

But you know the saying, “Bad times make great art”? I think it is about accepting the reality and seeing how you can contribute as a creative, how you can comfort and heal the world with kindness, hope, and imagination.

What are you doing daily to maintain your focus and energy, to continue to create?

Spending so much time indoors means I can finally find time for netflix, films and books! Staying home for such an extended period of time can make me feel a bit lethargic so I have been building habits around making daily to-do lists and taking the time to do something that excites and energizes me.

Can you please explain your work situation; either work that you’re currently creating, or work that has been affected by COVID-19?

My life has not been too affected by COVID-19, as being a designer I can pretty much work from anywhere I am - so long as I have my tools and a steady internet connection!

I am still working on some works for an upcoming show in London and Rome (which have been postponed but that gives me a bit more time to work!)

What don’t you miss about pre-Corona life?

The crowds in town and the packed trains to work! I was in town before the circuit-breaker started and it was so nice to walk around without the crowds. I know it's not economically viable for the stores to have such low traffic, but it was nice to walk around without having to worry about bumping into strangers for once!

What is the weirdest meal you’ve had during quarantine?

When I feel peckish at night and there is no one around to judge me for this, I make a Want Want rice cracker sandwich with cheese or butter.

We are currently measuring days by the little things, as productivity and output look different for everyone. We'd love to know:

What did you learn today?

To count my blessings. During this crisis everyone is losing, grieving, making sacrifices. Today I learnt not to look at what I lost, but what I have.

Who did you talk to today?

Lots of people at work and my family! I moved back to my family home so I am spending time with my family every day :)

What were you curious about today?

I am curious about a hundred mundane little things, so this question is a tough one to answer! I was just wondering if my pet tortoise knows he is a tortoise?


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