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Prinz Basil

Updated: May 29, 2020

What is your identity as a creative?

I identify as a multifunctional artist. A queer artist. I am a performance artist, alternative model, make up artist, make up instructor and art educator.

What is the weirdest meal you’ve had during quarantine?

The weirdest meal during quarantine was a grilled Octopus. My Boyfriend is a chef. It feels kinda weird to get all this amazing food during this time. I feel blessed and can't complain.

How has the Coronavirus affected your creative work?

It has affected it a lot. Because of the government restrictions all the events I perform got cancelled. Also my work as a freelance make up artist isn't possible anymore.

Usually I like to work under a bit of pressure. Now it's hard to create something and get inspired because there are no deadlines where I have to present something. So the extrinsic motivation is gone.

The intrinsic motivation is also kinda blocked. I had to care about other stuff like my finances first. All the information and news we're surrounded by all the time is dragging me down too. On the other hand my work as a makeup artist is a good distraction from all this craziness. I can create looks on my self and play with colors. It's has a therapeutic aspect when I sit down and do my make up. I feel I'm in a cocoon during my make up application and when I'm done with the transformation I feel empowered like a beautiful butterfly.