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Paula de Álvaro

Updated: May 29, 2020

Let’s start with bit of small talk:

Where would you rather be in quarantine?

I think I’m very lucky to be where I am, I lived alone in a small flat in the center of Madrid without windows facing the street. I had just come back home to visit my parents a few weeks before all this started. Now I am near the sea and the countryside in a house with a garden and accompanied by my family, here I have a large studio where I work, lucky that I didn’t get caught in the city. Many days when I wake up I miss being able to travel anywhere.

What is the weirdest meal you’ve had during quarantine?

Almost every meal I’ve had during these two months. I didn’t have time to cook before Covid-19, I used to prepare my own food to take to work, quick snacks and meals or fast food. I currently spend much time cooking, so everything is really weird for me.

What were you curious about today?

Today I have been trying to make letters with modeling clay and with different things and materials. I have also been looking for fonts that I didn’t know, every day I spend some time looking for cool fonts.

What conversations did you have today?

Today I’ve been isolated in my studio finishing some projects, so I haven’t had an interesting conversation yet.

What did you learn today?