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Liv Minshall

Updated: May 29, 2020

What don’t you miss about pre-Corona life?

Being expected to know what day it is.

What is the weirdest meal you’ve had during quarantine?

Full blown breakfast for dinner. Bacon, blueberry pancakes, eggs and a mimosa.

How has the Coronavirus affected your creative work?

Drastically. Having my own studio has been incredible for my practice, a space provided by the MFA program I’m in at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. However, since the virus has (rightfully) shut everything down, I no longer have access to this.

I grabbed a bag of paints and brushes before it officially closed.

Sadly I couldn’t grab any canvases; when your smallest piece is 4’x6’, it’s hard to bring anything on the train.

I live with my partner, and while he’s supportive and encouraging, we just don’t have the space for a pop-up shop studio, you know? I work messy and sassy and fling paint around on several pieces at once, the process is total chaos. But at home I’m working small and clean and in a hallway. Adapting.

What are you doing daily to maintain your focus and energy, to continue to create?

I drink a decent amount of alcohol. But that isn’t very motivational.

I do the positive stuff as well. Reading, outdoor walks, sex, cleaning, and lots of cooking. Anything that keeps the procrastination to create alive. It’s stressful not wanting to make anything, given it’s what I do.

How does the current situation make you feel?

Excellent question.

Like if a fun little gecko out in the wild got scooped up in a jar by a fat kid.

Gets plopped in a glass box full of wood chips and stupid fake plants.

You’re still a gecko, trying to live your life,

but the heated lightbulb overhead never gets turned off and you piss in your water bowl sometimes.

So, I’m starting to feel a bit like a functioning alcoholic.

Long term, how do you think this will affect the industry?


What you’re doing now is the kind of proactive stimulation and record keeping that will have a lasting impact on the art world. This is a time for artists to get creative with what they have. Sharing the good the bad and the ugly is an intrinsic part of art and art making. Because nothing is ever just good or just bad. Art, in all its forms, is a way to process and make sense of what’s happening around us. And hopefully, the future-peoples and robots will still care about the history of art. Because there’s going to be a lot of interesting shit that comes out of this period.

Can you please explain your current work situation; either work that you’re you’re currently creating, or work that has been affected by COVID-19?

My current body of work is built from waves of frustration. Abrasive textures and agitated paint applications. Adhesive is a series of small but loud unknowns.

CoronahVIIrUS is a single piece focusing on the absurdity and fear during the first week of quarantine.

Cardi B’s viral video yelling about the virus embodies this perfect mix of panic and humor. This piece is a caricature of human behavior at the start of the crisis. Beer bottles (ambiguously Corona brand), struck out matches, glue, barbwire and a mess of unintelligible text.

Yesterday I got an embroidery kit in the mail. My angle being the anti-craft. Sewing a pile of vomit with a pretty cursive font reading something like, ~*LoVe & HaRmOnY*~~*

I’ll keep you posted.

Find Liv's work here.

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