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Laura Nash

Updated: May 29, 2020

Do you have a project title for the work you sent us, and would you be able to explain a bit more about your creative process?

Let's call it Quarantine Quarters. I wanted a side project while in quarantine and around week three I realized I was starting to feel like a human Tamagotchi. I wake, I work, I eat, I drink (wine), I hula hoop, I tv, I sleep etc repeat.

I decided to then model my apartment with this 'gaming' feel in mind. I've been wanting to improve my modelling skills so thought this would be a great base for that too.

Can you please explain your work situation; either work that you’re currently creating, or work that has been affected by COVID-19?

I am still employed full time as a designer which I am very grateful for. All staff at my company have agreed to take a 20% pay cut for the next 3 months in a hope to return to the office together just as we left together. My workload feels a bit lighter but that is the time I fill with tutorials and personal projects, mainly cinema4d based.

You mentioned in your caption "I wouldn't recommend modelling your tiny quarters while confined in tiny quarters" - how is your space affecting your work? Specifically in Brooklyn, where the virus is hitting hard.

haha I started to feel a bit claustrophobic as I continued modelling my space. It is a lot to spend all day everyday in such a small proximity but to then stare at it on a screen and think about it in closer detail probably wasn't my best idea!

I'm lucky to work for a company with an amazing engineering team who set us up to work remotely, so from a technical standpoint I am business as usual. I think from a mental perspective, I have to keep the routine of 9-6 I am 'at work'. My workspace is at the foot of the bed so I'm keeping my pre-quarantine ritual of getting up early, exercising and coffee before 'going to work.' I have my down days but am very grateful to still be employed and healthy so I remind myself of that to stay focused. The dedication of frontline healthcare workers/ essential workers around you motivates you to do your part.

Assuming you're WFH using zoom etc., how do you feel about digital correspondence? How is it affecting your communication with colleagues and clients? Your productivity level? The general energy of a conversation?