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Killian Loddo

Updated: May 29, 2020

What is the weirdest meal you’ve had during quarantine?

We actually cook a lot during quarantine, but the weirdest might have been some home-cooked hummus with some apples, some seeds, ham, eggs, figs and dandelions picked up from the grass around the house.

How would you describe yourself as a creative?

I think I am multi-disciplinary; first there is a lot of ideas and envies, and then either I apply it with my knowledge and skills, or I do art direction with people who can help me realize what I have in mind. I just don’t like to be stuck in a very specific style or medium; I like pure graphic design as well as 3D production, but nowadays we know it’s all connected anyway.

I think what makes me creative is my love for aesthetics and the links with their references, what I like to create or to see are best references for my childhood, some stuff I can’t alway put my finger on but makes me feel something... and also visuals and ideas related to some crazy poetic and impossible future world, I like the mix of past and future, nostalgia and sci-fi.

How are you currently feeling about the global pause?

I feel pretty great because I am in a very good place to spend this time with my girlfriend and my cousin, who is like my brother, at my childhood home. But I’m pretty scared about how the world and economics will react after this; either to change or to adapt in a better way, I’m usually quite optimistic, but I’m not very optimistic at this time to be honest, even if I’m for a « produce less but better »mindset I’m not sure it will go this way. It is also some of our actions as creatives that can make it move in the right way.... But I try to make the best out of it and use this time to reflect and relax a bit about my workflow.

Long term, how do you think this will affect the industry?

I think it will slow down the industry on some points and accelerate the digital needs. This was already happening, but in our creative field I could already sense (before that crisis) that fashion/luxury brands or music need more and more digital/3D content that can be made at distance; to reduce people displacement to do shootings etc.

I think the post-internet era is growing even more because of this crisis, which is both good; because it allow more flexibility and fluidity in creation, creating new means of dissemination for visuals and brand content, but also bad; since it accelerate a bit too much the way we produce and create.

So the level of visuals might be at the same time affected, getting more blurry, because of what everybody can do with computers and also better because more creative people can express themselves and produce some crazy stuff too.

What are you doing daily to maintain your focus and energy, to continue to create?

I try to maintain a good rhythm with sport, I am used to that since I also have an activity of being a personal trainer, and I always did sports, I also do basketball at home right now. I try to enjoy myself as much as possible with simple things, like making barbecues, growing plants and vegetables by myself, and I try to have some fun; either watching series, videos, or laughing and not taking things too seriously with people around me. All of this helps me not being too lazy and going through these weird times.

Can you please explain your work situation; either work that you’re currently creating, or work that has been affected by COVID-19?

My work is a bit different, creatively not so much. Teleworking makes things less organic and fluid than we use to have at the office with Golgotha, but there is pretty much as many projects happening right now, and the studio is working within the same hours as usual.

But the laughing and discussions are the thing that makes every day a bit less creative compared to the usual connection and mood we have at the office. Otherwise my coaching/sport activity are less active, I do programs and some live coaching, but way less than usual. Also I take less time for this aspect of my work than the creative aspect.

What do you miss about pre-Corona life?

Having drinks with friends obviously, the atmosphere at the office with the guys/friends, going to the gym, dressing up a bit, the diversity of everyday life.

Despite that, I’m having quite a great time since I’m at my childhood house and it totally feels like vacation with the garden swimming pool and forest.



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