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Juliana Manara

Updated: May 29, 2020

Let’s start with bit of small talk:

Where would you rather be in quarantine?

With nature and a garden ...

What were you curious about today?

How to bake a sourdough bread.

What conversations did you have today?

How the number of cyclists will increase in London after lockdown.

What did you learn today?

In Spring the birds near my window start singing before 4H30 am

What is the weirdest meal you’ve had during quarantine?

There is more popcorn then usual for sure.

How has the Coronavirus affected your creative work?

Positive and negative, I am finding inpirations from the situation and discovering new ideas, oportunities and techniques, but I am also missing some equipments and elements from outdoor that would be helpful for the practice.

I had some postponed projects, deliveries, commissions due the transports, office closures and event cancellations. I do photography lectures at Speos (London photo&video school) and I am currently mentoring some students online what is a very interesting challenge and new for me.

What are you doing daily to maintain your focus and energy, to continue to create?

Still working as normal, still creating and organising future projects, still cycling, studing and reading more then before. I wake up early and I enjoy doing this every day. I avoid the news as most as possible: Only check it for a few minutes from good sources to be aware of new updates.

Now, let’s get a bit deeper:

What is your identity as a creative?

I create figures, characters to represent our existence and my ideas throug different mediums, mainly photographs.

How does the current situation make you feel?

We are all suffering from this and millions of people are badly affected by this pandemic, it is serious and sad.

I also keep thinking that the population was forced to pay attention on the demages we do the world, nature, climate. I feel sad for the vulnerables and people under basic conditions who are having even more dificults at this time. I am constantly reflecting how will be the new society after the crise, the adaptations we will have to do.

How has the current situation affected your productivity?

Positive and Negative . I have cancelled projects,cancelled studio workshops but learned how to work better online, it gave me more time to try and experiment new techniques and produce more work.

How are you reframing your social interactions?

I am not reframing yet...I know we will keep distance and not be able to meet large groups but honestly cannot wait to hug all my friends...but of course it might take a while...

What’s the most inspiring / creative response to COVID-19 you have come across so far?

I have the feeling people are kinder to each other.

Looking back, what will you miss about quarantine?

I think it is sad to be in quarantine when we relate to what is globally happening and to know so many people have been badly affected.

But due to the quarantine,I think that being at home could help us to be more with concentrate in ourselves and stop and think a lot of positive changes we can make.

We experienced some fast transformations in the climate, traffic noises, pollutions and if it all comes back to the way it was, or even worse it will be a horrible thing.

Please elaborate on the work you have sent us…

The work is a photographic collage, mixing illustrations and made out of original images created by myself. The idea to start a project with collage was the fact I wanted to limit the computer work and play more with some "crafted" creations. The collage brings more depth and warmity to the work. The project is based on the relationship between our existences (represented in a fantasy way with figures/characters created in the studio) and the relationship we have with nature.

Long term, how do you think this will affect the industry?

We hear a lot that art and creatives in general might experience a strong impact due the global crisis.

If people have less money probably there will be less investiments in this industry.

However, I try to be optmistic: I read a lot, I research past crisis experts sharing wise points of view and try to learn from it. It's uncertain what the level of the impact and changes is yet, but what I am sure of is: I love creating art and I would keep doing it even if its for my own joy.

What don’t you miss about pre-Corona life?

traffic, pollution , noises, crazy consumism...


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