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Jess Angel Cuevas

Updated: May 29, 2020

Where would you rather be in quarantine?

Being in LA during quarantine has been pretty great. I'm lucky my home has space outside and the weather has been beautiful BUT if I had to be anywhere else I would be in a beach house in Mexico.

What were you curious about today?

If I actually already had Covid-19 back in January like I think I did.

What conversations did you have today?

I talked with one of my best friends today about wanting to hear more news about getting the show back on the road. You know like trying to make predictions as to when work will start back up .... blah blah

What did you learn today?

Wearing a mask for longer then 10 minutes kinda sucks

Now, let’s get a bit deeper:

Could you please describe yourself and your work as a creative.

Sometimes obsessive, self-motivated, with a deep love for lo-fi aesthetics

Has the current situation had an impact on your work process?

Yes, definitely. I have looked at what is immediately around me for inspiration. I have revisited old shoots that I reworked into something new. I have had time to spend looking at shoots and campaigns by my favorite fashion designers and photographers.