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Anna Dora ᴸ

Where would you rather be in quarantine?

Somewhere near to the sea. I would say Greece maybe. Brighton if we still have it at summer 😌

What is the weirdest meal you’ve had during quarantine?

Generally I have weird eating habits. What the current situation changed is my spending like I don't spend 80 pounds on just fresh salmon weekly or so... (I know)

What were you curious about today?

I wonder about too many things. So... I would say one thing my ex yesterday mentioned I'm like the main character of the 'unorthodox' series. It makes me thinks a lot.

What conversations did you have today?

I called the costumer service of my washing machine supplier.

What did you learn today?

I learned that I do need to check the filter of my washing machine.

Could you please describe yourself and your work as a creative.

It's feminine but dirty. Fresh but matured. Artistic but not art. It's full of contradictions.

Please elaborate on your quarantine work…

I designed an alphabet called like Millennial Plague. It come from the idea that 36 days of type was on and I was thinking OK so what if my types inspired by the disease.

Has the current situation had an impact on your work process?

Yes - I have more time on personal projects. It's great in a sense that usually i prioritise paid work between it's essential to have side projects to keep fresh.

How has it affected your productivity?

I'm generally pretty productive but I would say it made me more effective in a sense that I don't feel missing out when I work on weekends or so.

Long term, how do you think this will impact your work or the industry you work in?

Long term we are in a really critical situation. I can tell now the world won't be the same place as we know after this. Generally I would say after this the creatives will get more opportunity to create honest, brave work instead of being salesy or commercial.

How are you reframing your social interactions?

My social what...:) You assume I have life outside of work I guess. Out of joke apart from the obvious I can see more the freinds who are real.

Looking back, what will you miss about quarantine?

I will miss the calm. You know in London the life is just mad fast so...


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