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An Art-Fundraise Activism

Updated: May 31, 2020

In recent years, creative communities have proven to be particularly helpful in times of crisis when it comes to fundraising. During this crisis, many have responded quickly to requests for financial support by creating Corona-related work and organizing virtual exhibitions to raise and donate money. They have also been raising awareness and support for those most affected by the pandemic by communicating cultural differences.


In response to an urgent request for donations from the Croix-Rouge de Belgique, Hangar was put into

operation, with various DJ sets streamed from an abandoned church in the centre of Brussels. In addition, everyone who donated had the chance to win a LIVE artwork painted by Denis Meyer.

They also collaborated with the initiative Origami For Life of the artist Charles Kaisin aims to raise money for the hospital Erasme in Belgium by creating an origami art installation.


Beatport‘s 24-hour ReConnect livestream raised $185,000 for charities related to COVID-19 by „connecting DJs from their living rooms to other people‘s living rooms.”

Asian American Federation

In response to the wave of anti-Asian racism that is sweeping the US, Artists for Asian American Fe- deration has launched a new initiative to support those most affected by the pandemic. They have called on a wide range of Asian creative artists to donate work, for which bids can be placed on their website.