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Updated: May 29, 2020

What is your identity as a creative?

I am a singer/songwriter/producer.

How has the Coronavirus affected your creative work?

In the beginning I thought I was gonna be SUUUUPER productive and get a lot of stuff done. But it didn't really turn out that way.

I did however finally set up my home-recording equipment in a way that is not just for demos but suitable for final recordings. I kinda had to, cause not sure when I will be able to go back to the studio. I also made my dad take pics for my next release. Visuals are an important part of my work I feel. It's like my favourite part. So it's good that there is a lot of ways to create a nice visual at home if you're willing to compromise and think outside the box. By not being able to just do what I usually do I was definitely able to create things that are different from my visuals pre-quarantine.

I have also started working on some collaborations. I thought this was a good time to reach out to people as we are all in this together and there definitely is a sense of shared experience and connection.

What are you doing daily to maintain your focus and energy, to continue to create?

I started to do 20min of yoga and it did wonders. Because my body starts hurting from all the sitting around. Unfortunately we don't have a garden or anything like that so I also try to do a small walk to get some fresh air and keep me sane. A lot of new music came out this month, another thing that has kept me sane! I also FaceTime friends. Cause I certainly feel like the more I just eat and sleep the less I feel creative. Planning concrete things for post-quarantine definitely helps to stay focused. Even though there is no way to put a date on that quite yet. I guess we all have those things we just always refused to do cause "no time". This is the thing we should be doing right now. And if that just means listen to music and rest. Then that's that.

You should never feel pressured to always be creating. Sometimes you just gotta soak things in and be the sponge.

:)) There is always two stages to creation and creativity! Cause everyone is apparently so creative and productive (according to social media) It is easy to put pressure on yourself.

How does the current situation make you feel?

Anxious to be completely honest. I am not quite sure yet how this will affect my life post-corona. And this was also hard on my parents and their business, as it was for every small business out there that had to shut. Before corona I was looking for a new internship and part-time job. The current situation has definitely made that harder.

But to be honest, I just want everyone to be safe and healthy. It is also a relief knowing that my parents don't need to be in a shop and might get infected. As they are both at risk to develop severe symptoms. Health over anything. There is no money that can replace a life. So in that sense I still feel lucky that there are so many brave people everyday getting up and doing their jobs so the rest of us can be safe! Thank you!

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