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A Very Still-Life

Updated: May 30, 2020

Our home has been transformed into a personalized ecosystem of work, play, pleasure, exercise, learning, cooking, celebration and recreation. All these different systems of being are affected by a timeline with an unknown end date. With lack of resources and mobility, still life photography has taken on new meaning in this global pause. Will the new aesthetic last past isolation? How has the inability to “escape” shifted for photographers? What resources will emerge to promote still life home life?

Brad Trone

“It’s actually been nice to have the constraints of the quarantine for making new work. The

limitations have forced me to create new images with things around my house and try to make it interesting. “

Nicolas Polli

„@homelife_stilllife tries to create an archive of this period, showing still-life images from different photographers and at the same

time shows the backstages as well.”

Mathery Studio

„As we were receiving comforting messages from our NY friends asking about our families in Italy and reassuring us, we realized the idea that the virus was going to reach also NY and the rest of America was far from everyone’s thoughts.

In that moment we’ve just felt we needed to spread some info and be creative as we were doing that.“

“These current circumstance in which artists find themselves—having to potentially move their studio into their home—directly challenges the escapism that making art and going to a studio provides. Sometimes you just need to not make for a while. Does one stop being an artist if they are not making? This is a deeply personal question that arose from the pressure of being surrounded by my work. Be prepared for this.”

- Artnet News, 2020

"But creativity benefits from isolation. Those same, tricky circumstances can often be its starting point."

- The Telegraph, 2020

“Sometimes, I just have to look around the kitchen for what food is on hand or take Eloise to the garden until we discover a little snail that leads me to shooting a still life.

I try to let the day or the emotions of living through it dictate what I am capturing.”

- Harpers Bazaar, 2020

"Art is what humans do in spite of, often because of, catastrophes. In the 14th century the Black Death — bubonic plague — killed half the population of Europe. Simultaneously the Renaissance, the greatest of all art movements, was being born."

- The Times, 2020



We can surely be on the lookout for more food and drink sculptors which will infiltrate commercial brands and magazines. The aesthetic captures the zeitgeist of the pandemic and will be a token look and feel when we look back on this time.


Will post-corona Generation Z remain on the last track to their living rooms as the popularized “Generation Homebodies” or will the sudden barriers placed upon us change their trajectory to make the heart grow fonder for the great outdoors. It will be important to track the speed of change as public spaces begin to open back up.Is Generation Homebody hear to stay?


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