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A Tech-Selfie

Our isolated eco-chambers have prompted us to find new ways of implementing the self-portrait. With the persistent need to stay connected and perhaps even adored, social creatures are capturing their precious moments with various forms of screens and surfaces. Technology’s accelerated leap into our lives has emerged as a trend in the way we create our images. As our worlds are designed and framed by 4-cornered screens it is only natural that we have adapted to these boundaries in the pictures we share.

Hanne Zaruma

“A human face is interesting, it’s already a piece of art. ... I make all of my work from used stuff that everyone has forgotten about... “I am trying to give it a new life.” She felt suffocated during lockdown, claustrophobia became the theme of her new work series.

John Yuyi

Using the "temporary tattoo" as her primary art form, she mostly focuses on the effects of technology and social media, and utilizes the human body as her canvas”


“I think everything in life is art. What you do. How you dress. The way you love someone, how you talk. The way you drink your tea. The way you feel.”

Taja Spasskova