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A Tech-Selfie

Our isolated eco-chambers have prompted us to find new ways of implementing the self-portrait. With the persistent need to stay connected and perhaps even adored, social creatures are capturing their precious moments with various forms of screens and surfaces. Technology’s accelerated leap into our lives has emerged as a trend in the way we create our images. As our worlds are designed and framed by 4-cornered screens it is only natural that we have adapted to these boundaries in the pictures we share.

Hanne Zaruma

“A human face is interesting, it’s already a piece of art. ... I make all of my work from used stuff that everyone has forgotten about... “I am trying to give it a new life.” She felt suffocated during lockdown, claustrophobia became the theme of her new work series.

John Yuyi

Using the "temporary tattoo" as her primary art form, she mostly focuses on the effects of technology and social media, and utilizes the human body as her canvas”


“I think everything in life is art. What you do. How you dress. The way you love someone, how you talk. The way you drink your tea. The way you feel.”

Taja Spasskova

"The situation with Covid-19 is a real drama, but even with all the negatives, we have to be optimistic. Every crisis sparks incentives to change -- to transform the world we are living in. Prague was unusually empty over the last couple of months, but so many initiatives arose from the get-go -- it truly was an atmosphere of solidarity and empathy. People united and volunteered. We're facing a period of fundamental change, and that process might be quite traumatic but the future definitely lies in dialogue, collaboration and solidarity."

“With social distancing being the norm, photographers stuck at home for the first time in years are finding innovative ways to continue to work, by foraying into FaceTime shoots and other forms of remote photography. These are showing so much promise that they are likely to have a lasting impact on photography even after the pandemic. In addition to offering models and clients to work with from anywhere in the world, this is also cost-effective for photographers, and has a negligible ecological footprint, unlike many fashion shoots in exotic locations.”

- The National, 2020

“One of the first adopters of the technique was i-D magazine, a title already known for its disregard for convention. Under the title “Safe + Sound", it tasked photographer Willy Vanderperre with shooting models such as Gigi Hadid, Binx Walton, Adut Akech and Mona Tougaard for cover images.”

- The National, 2020

What does it mean?

Screens are here to stay

But will they remain rectangular and how do these four corners help shape our perceptions of portraiture?

Technology as a photographic necessity

Accelerated trends in AI and VR have emerged due to our lack of physical connection. In order to keep up with the quality of IRL, brands might quickly adapt to the use of more sophisticated technologies in their digital custom-content strategies.


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